Hi, I'm Thaís Gioia

a Senior Product Strategist. I help companies to develop action plans to ensure long-term successful digital products and services, producing value for customers, hitting business goals, and innovating against competitors.

I connect ideas by taking input from customer research, expert information, market research, business direction, experiment results, and data analysis, winnowing and examining all that information to create a solid product vision.

I am focused on managing teams generating business fuels like money, data, knowledge capital, or promotion while creating value for customers by identifying their user problems and developing viable solutions.


+49 151 56 111 358


Resume (PDF)

I combine technology, innovation and strategy to solve challenging problems.

My core skills


– Team management
– Framework implementation
– Process improvements
– Resources planning
– Coaching & Mentorship
– Stakeholder management
– Metrics and KPIs definition
– Requirements gathering
– Roadmaps creation
– Backlog prioritization
– User stories creation


– Personas
– Use cases
– Scenarios
– Benchmarking
– User Interviews
– Usability tests
– Data insights
– Content strategy
– Service blueprints
– Customer journey maps


– User flows
– Wireframes
– Prototypes
– User stories
– Design systems
– Information architecture

Brands I’ve worked with

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+49 151 56 111 358