Who I am:

Hi, I am Thaís Gioia

a cosmopolitan UX designer, who always use a strong concept and articulated information architecture as work cornerstones. My passion for strategy, creativity, and technology spark me to cooperate on challenging projects. In this way, during my career, I have worked in multidisciplinary teams alongside journalists, programmers, and engineers. This experience consolidated my understanding of different people needs and turned me into a great team player.

As a designer, I have already acquired valuable experience in large-scale, international projects. My know-how in digital as well as traditional print media provides me with a deep understanding of both worlds. This background allows me to support my customers in their digital transformation.

So let’s work together and creatively solve challenging problems.

What I want:

I want to combine technology, innovation, and creativity to solve challenging problems.

Design is about people, storytelling and above all empathy.

Design means to me a precise cooperation between functionality and emotion, which offers a lot of potential to improve people’s quality of life. Through an open mindset and a strong concept, it is possible to create value by bringing together multiple dimensions of communication. I intend always to use this mentality in order to understand  human needs and to transform them into relevant and high-quality products, services and experiences.

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communication available in:
English,Spanish,German and Portuguese.

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