My work process:

  • Workshops with customers and nutrition specialists
  • Target Group & Usage Context Implementation
  • Competition analysis
  • Product conception (features)
  • MLP definition
  • Wireframes and Click Dummy implementation
  • Visual conception & fine prototyping
  • Design Assets Design
  • Video product design

App concept

Nutriapp is a product development as a partnership between two huge Germany company from telecommunication and healthy. With the most complete nutrition database on the market, Nutriapp is able to provide a deep nutrition Analyse.


Oppositely from the concurrence, our application presents a wide range of user types. After a discussion with nutritionists, we defined eight types of lifestyles, each one with a distinct nutritional need. For example, if you are a smoker your necessity of Vitamin C is higher than other persons.


  • Introduction tour
  • First Datafeed – Overview / Tips/ Shortcuts
  • Diet data
  • Sport activity
  • Nutrition analysis
  • Contact with specialists – share your data
  • Personal data configuration



Feed / Overview

  • Eating Overview
  • Insufficient vitamin alert
  • Sport Reminder
  • Complete meal fast register
  • Data update reminder
  • Assiduity positive feedback

Food register


Medical assistant


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